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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 5, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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states, 11 dead, 31 wounded. we have the latest on fox. shepard: and breaking news continues from fort hood, and we are learning more about the person believed to have left people dead and wounded at the massive army post in texas. fox news has now confirmed his name, malik nadal hasan, and he apparently worked at the army medical center before today's attack. we have been given a great deal of information about this man. we know he was a convert to islam, and we are waiting for a news conference of this man, this picture we now have on the screen. we are told it will begin in the next few minutes, and our cameras are trained on it, and we will take you there when it begins. the shooting began at 1:30 p.m. local time at a soldier readiness center.
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that is an area on the post, where troops look at medical tests before heading off to war. witnesses say the killer had not one but two handguns. >> the shooter opened fire and essentially drew the quick response of the police forces and was killed. shepard: now, the first image is that the military has released that showed the immediate aftermath of this attack. there were initial reports of other possible shooters, and we know the military also has a two other suspects, as we -- they are calling them come in custody, but we do not know if they were directly involved in this attack. fat tuesday centanni, and as we wait for this news conference to begin, what do we know -- back to steve centanni. >> we know that his name is a major malik nadal hasan, according to a source, and we understand that he was 39 years
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old and either a psychologist or psychiatrist and, according to one publication, he had worked at walter reed. they want to make sure that they absolutely are secured before they give the all clear. they have two in custody. one shooter is dead. that would be hasan, and they want to make absolutely certain that nobody else is on the loose. he apparently used two handguns, killing 12 of his followers -- fellow soldiers be the reaction here at the pentagon? they are dumbfounded and very sad. they hate to see anybody killed, and it happens often enough overseas in iraq and afghanistan, but to see it at home, on american soil, at fort hood, people are shocked, and, at first, the pentagon was very shocked. they could not believe what they
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were hearing, so they had to get on the telephone and find out from the top brass and their what was going on n.y., and they are all over this thing -- to find out from the top brass over there what was going on and why, and they are all over this day. the suspect was the primary shooter, but, again, all of this has to be worked out. that is where we stand. secretary gates is being kept informed from the army operations center. he talked to president obama earlier today, as the president said in his statement, and he is being updated continuously as this thing goes on. shepard: steve centanni, thank you very much. kay bailey hutchison reported to us today that the suspect here, whose name we now know is hasan, was shot and killed in what
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apparently was a shoe that with the civilian police, the civilian policeman killed, too, and this man in his late thirties had complained that he did not want to be deployed to the wars in iraq and afghanistan, said he did not want to go, and the associated press is reporting that he apparently got a poor performance evaluation for his hospital work. again, that is just crossing from the associated press. further information, we are confirming that he was a psychiatrist at walter reed army center before he is transferred here in july, and he had worked there for six years. looking into major malik nadal hasan's military record, he apparently received this poor performance evaluation while he was at walter reed. a person speaking on condition of anonymity did so because the records are confidential. he was born in virginia, single,
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no children, 39 years old, a graduate of virginia tech university, where he was a member of the rotc, received his military degree from bethesda in 2001. at walter reed, he did an internship, residency, and the fellowship. president obama calling the killings at fort hood a horrific outpouring of violence. >> my thoughts are with the wounded and the families of the fallen and with those who live and serve at fort hood. these are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and at times give their lives to protect our lives on the delete bases. it is difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas.
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it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. shepard: the president says he is getting a constant stream of updates, and he is promising to get to the bottom of what he calls this "horrible' incident. major garrett is reporting live. >> at the situation room at the white house, in full activity mode, bringing out the information and giving it to be president. there is the president's top adviser with homeland security and counter-terrorism and other staff. the most recent activity from the president himself occurred around 5:30, where the president spoke with lt. general robert cone, from fort hood, and he expressed his condolences and that of his family to their losses, and he was joined by his
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deputy national security adviser and his top adviser for counter- terrorism, of homeland security and press secretary robert gibbs. -- his top advisers for counter- terrorism at homeland security and press secretary robert gibbs. shepard: major, how did president find out about these killings? >> robert gibbs, the white house press secretary, went into the president in the oval office and informed him at about 3:30 of the initial reports of woundings and debtaths at fort hood. he took no questions and gave no
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evidence that he was aware of it, but that is how you first heard about it, from press secretary robert gibbs. -- how he first heard about it. >> there is no greater honor our responsibility than to make sure our men and women in uniform are properly cared for and that their safety and security when they are at home is provided for them, so we are going to stay on this. >> the president made those comments and the ones you showed our audience at the top of this report, shepard, at the end of the national tribal council meeting, the first of its kind. it was a day-long affair, looking at issues dealing with native americans. he concluded the remarks which his assessment of the devastating tragedy at fort hood. shepard: major garrett at the white house. we now have the opportunity to
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be joined by a man who knew and worked with the suspect who was shot and killed today and he was said to be responsible for all of this, major malik nadal hasan. he worked with him at fort hood at the psych ward. thank you for your service, and thank you for calling in. >> thank you for having me on, and first, let me give my condolences. shepard: thank you. colonel, i know that you are retired now and that you worked with him at the psychology ward at fort hood, and you mentioned that he had made outlandish comments and once said that is lummox had the right to stand up against us -- and that islami cs had the right to stand up against us. >> he said, first of all, we
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should not be over there, and i told them major, "you need to lock it up, maj. this is not time for your views to be made to the public." there were several comments made. shepard: what did he say precisely? >> he said precisely that maybe the muslims should stand up and fight against the aggressors, and at first, you know, we thought he was talking about that muslims should stand up and help the armed forces in iraq and afghanistan, but, apparently, that was not the case, because there was other times he would make comments to other individuals about how we should not be in the war in the first place, and there was a specific time when there was a shooting -- shepard: at the accord -- recruitment center there, i believe? >> yes, and there were some comments made that he was sort of happy about it, and there were a couple of other officers in the room, and, "how could you
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make that statement?" and nadal kept making the comment, and "maybe they should stand up to the aggressors." shepard: we understand that some of the positions in the unit were discussing the incident and express discussed, and i am quoting here, for the ragheads -- expressed disgust. he is a convert to islam, is that correct? i am sorry. i did not mean to interrupt, colonel. >> he made those comments, and they were said strongly to his face, but as soldiers, we have a duty to follow orders from our commander in chief, and political views are set aside, and after the shooting in little rock, he was upset about the way
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this man was treated in little rock, and he said, "maybe we should have more of these where people strap bombs on themselves and go into times square." now, that was from a third party, so i cannot confirm that. shepard: again, we are on the line now with a retired colonel terry lee. the man on the right-hand side of the screen is said to be the one who shot and killed 12 people at fort hood in texas today and left 31 injured. you are telling us that you h you hasan -- you believe that hasan had comments after president obama was elected. >> he was hoping that president obama would pull troops out and
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that things would settle down, and when things were not going that way, he became more agitated and more frustrated with the conflicts of there, and he would just -- he made his views well known about how he felt about the u.s. involvement in iraq and afghanistan. shepard: and this was something that was investigated by the military, to my understanding. >> well, that is what we were told, but i retired, and when i left there, i never heard any more about it, and i hoped there was an investigation, but all i know is that it was a he said, she said routine. shepard: mm-hmi wonder, colonele you concerned about this man and the safety of others? >> at first, you blow it off, people just being a hothead and making political views, but over a period of time, he became more, i would say, agitated
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about everything with the war in iraq and afghanistan, and his views, couple of times, when he was in a mobilization , there was a confrontation with another soldier -- when he was in a mobilization line, there was a confrontation and another soldier, and there was some name-calling. i cannot recall what was said, but there is agitation, here is the thing of concern be a why was he transferred from walter reed hospital to fort hood? -- here is the thing of concern. why was he transferred? shepard: those are all questions that we certainly will be asking in the days ahead, and i am sure the military is seeking answers to those questions, as well. colonel, there are two others being held in question. was this man, major hasan, did
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he have a group of friends that had similar beliefs, to your direct knowledge? >> no, he was sort of a loner to himself. he never did socialize with a lot of the officers, you know, off duty or even on duty that much, but he was sort of a loner, to himself. shepard: you said in here, and you said it earlier that other members of the military, including officers, would call him derogatory names. could you go through some of that and explain how those arguments went down? >> it started off, you know, if any soldier gets in an argument, there will be some name-calling and all of that, but apparently, he made some comments about we should be pulling out of iraq, and we should not have any business there, and you guys are officers sons and daughters that are over there feel strongly about it, and they got into some name-calling, and one thing led to another, but i do
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not think that would cause him to go on a shooting spree. i think there is a deeper seed than that. shepard: i certainly was not making that connection. i was just trying to get to the bottom of what you heard and saw. >> i feel confident in the cid and fbi investigating this, and i am sure they will get to the bottom of this. >shepard: senator kay bailey hutchison was talking about him and getting to be ready to go to iraq or afghanistan. >> yes, he was getting ready to be deployed sometime at the end of the year here, and he was totally against going. as a matter of fact, he was going through the chain of command, trying to get that deployment canceled, and he was that strong about not going back over there. shepard: it was said that the
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shooter was a psychiatrist. is that accurate? >> that is correct. sure for example, i know that many psychiatrists -- shepard: for example, i know that many psychiatrist listen to people who come back from the war in need somebody to talk to. is that the kind of work that he did? >> yes, that in the drug addiction or alcoholism, things of that nature. -- that an maybe drug addiction or alcoholism. shepard: thank you -- that a and maybe -- that and maybe drug addiction or alcoholism. shepard: thank you. live reports as things are getting set up. fort hood had planned to do this at 7:00 eastern. they are running just a little behind, and they are getting information, and their goal is to get out as much information
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as they can, and they do not want people speculating about something wider or more broad- based than it is. we are sticking directly with the facts, as far as we know. this was in no way organized. this was one man. of course, there are two other suspects being questioned. one man, who went on a shooting spree by himself, and until the military tells us otherwise, those are the facts that we know it. our national assignments manager is tim gaughan, and he is on the mid concourse level in manhattan. what are you learning? >> there is lieutenant-general robert cone, and he was supposed to come out one hour ago. we now have people on the ground that we are talking to, trying to see what the delay is, looking for the official
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statement, trying to go closer to the story. we cannot exactly say what the delay is, but we think we will find out soon. shepard: one of the things that is interesting to find out, tim, is the details on the other two suspects. they are being held for questioning at this moment. that is how they have classified it. >> yes, held for questioning, and these two were brought to our attention. it was lt. cone who said these other two suspects were in custody. since that time, i have not seen one other word printed or spoken about them. shepard: and just so our viewers are clear, there is no indication that the others did shooting, other than the man who was shot dead by police. there were reports of shooting other places on the post, but those have not been confirmed or verified by anyone.
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>> no, they have not, and even before it was over, there were reports of shooting and more swap activity going on, but none of that. shepard: -- more swat activity. shepard: there was talk from local stations of about shooting at some other areas, but none of that was other confirmed, and we anticipated that they would have confirmed them if they had been the case. this one man. hopefully, during this news conference, we will learn more. tim, what is the security situation on the poston output, are they still in lockdown? >> -- what is the security situation on the post? are they still in lockdown? >> as steve centanni said, they are still in lockdown.
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shepard: they are going very far to notify the families. >> yes, they put out the word very early to as many as possible. even early on, we were hearing that. even at a point where we could not report to some of the victims were, because, as you know, a lot of this military families are going to reach out to us, but it went fast. shepard: earlier in the day, they sent out 500 post personnel, military personnel, to sweep the post, just to err on the side of caution to make sure there is nobody out there to do anyone harm, but the people on post are still being asked to stay where they are. >> even a couple of hours in, they were doing head counts, individual head counts. they were going unit by unit, even visitors, just to check
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that everyone was ok, checking to see that every individual was accounted for. as far as we know, those head counts have ended, but the lock down continues. shepard: -- the lockdown continues. shepard: tim gaughan at our home base. one man grew up in northern virginia. he joins us on the telephone. thank you. it is my understanding that he had been transferred from walter reed to fort hood. do you know why that transfer happened? >> no, i cannot tell you what it happens, but it happened back in may, april or may of this year -- i cannot tell you why it happened.
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shepard: he had made the request not to be deployed overseas. >> yes, he has been making those requests sometimes -- since 9/11. both of his parents are american. he is a good american, and we are shocked. we just found out that he was being deployed. he never even told us, because we have learned for the last five years that that was probably his worst nightmare. he had stories he would tell us about. he would hear horrific things, things from the war that were probably affecting them psychologically. some of his military colleagues. he hired a military attorney to try to have the issue resolved, he paid that the government to get out of the military if that was it, -- to have the issue
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resolved, pay back the government to get out of the military of that is what it took. we are shocked. being afraid of going to war, that is it. shepard: when did he convert to islam, and what was his name prior to conversion? >> he has always been muslim. shepard: he has always been muslim, you say? >> yes. shepard: in our reporting was that he converted. when was it that he became disenchanted with the idea of being in the military? >> i do not think he was ever disenchanted being in the military. he insisted on going into the military, even against his
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parents' wishes. it was the harassment that got to him, being referenced from his middle eastern ethnicity, the okie was born and raised here. he went to high school here in northern virginia, roanoke, va., went to virginia tech -- and he was born and raised here. he never got into any trouble. shepard: when did you last contact with him? >> before he went to texas, probably about five months ago. shepard: was expressing to you any of these concerns about wanting to get out of the military or anything -- was he expressing it to you any of these concerns? >> yes, wanting to get away from the war and the environment -- being a psychiatrist and being a doctor -- remember, this is an intelligent man with a family, making 6 -- having a very good
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income. shepard: a six-figure income. >> yes, exactly. we are blown away as a family, and i have to be honest with you. i just want to make sure that people are watching know that he was born and raised here, a good american, and our family is feeling sadness. we feel so much sadness for any family, for them being hurt. our condolences go out. we are shocked. we are trying to make sense of this, and the only thing that we can put together -- shepard: did he ever express to you or indicate to you any violent tendencies of this kind? >> him? shepard: yes. >> [chuckling] no, he was not somebody who even enjoyed going to firing range.
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this is not somebody who had that kind of mind-set. shepard: give us an idea of what he said he sought in iraq. >> he never went to iraq -- what he said he saw in iraq. >> he never went to iraq. he was listening to the stories people were telling him when they came back. listen, listen, listen, i am really sorry. we have to go. there is something we have to tend to. shepard: a cousin of the man who is said to have shot and killed 11 people today at fort hood in texas, leaving 31 people injured. on less side of your screen, we are awaiting a news conference from fort hood -- on the left side of your screen. we had just gotten word that
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sums being question have been released. the associated press reports that the congressman's office informs the associated press that the two soldiers who were taken into custody in the fort hood shootings today have been released. now, the backstory. it was never suggested that anyone else did any shooting today. the fat was they said this was the gunman and that they had taken two people -- the fact was they said this was the gunman and that they had taken two people in for questioning. according to the associated press, those two people who were taken into custody have now been released. we do not know which congressman's op-ed's this was, as it crossed the associated press as i was telling you -- we do not know which congressman's office this was.
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senator kay bailey hutchison has been with us throughout the day, and we greatly appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you, shepard. i just heard the last part of your interview. i am amazed but what that man was just saying. shepard: the picture that has been painted bus bar, senator hutchison, is of a man who did not believe in what we are doing -- the picture that has been painted thus far, senator hutchison, is of a man who did not believe and what we are doing, who wanted out of the war, but that sort of thing, he wanted out, and i believe you told us that earlier today. >> i knew that he was not happy about being deployed and that he was about to be deployed.
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obviously, he was very upset, and i do not think they realized just how much so, obviously. shepard: well, i suppose they did not. he had apparently gotten a military lawyer to represent him, and at some point, there had been a finding that his complaints were unwarranted. it is my belief, at any rate, the complaint was dismissed, and the transfer happens from walter reed there in the d.c. area to fort hood -- happened from walter reed. we do not know why the transfer happened? >> we do not. i know they are very much looking into his background now in the military, trying to discern what he has been doing and what his problem was, but why he would be determined to be shipped out, when he went to fort hood, he was not happy about that.
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shepard: before you were on the line with us, when you were on the floor of the senate, we were joined by a colonel, a retired colonel, in the army, who worked with him at fort hood, and he said that there had been numerous arguments that have escalated to the point where they were open confrontations, senator. >> well, i had heard that he was very unhappy about going and that when he started this a rampage, he was shooting people that he knew. shepard: he was shooting people that he knew. he was targeting people. >> that is what we were told. shepard: this ceremony that was happening at the time, the ceremony was involving people
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who he knew well. >> i do not know that. the ceremony that was happening nearby was a graduation for the people who were going to college, but i do not know if he knew those people. shepard: but the people that he shot, at least what you are saying now is that he was targeting them. shepard: that is what i was told. shepard: the reason i asked, we know now from you that he was targeting people that he knew, and we want to know if he was targeting any of these people with which he was having these confrontations with. >> that is a legitimate question, but i would not know the answer to that, and i am sure they will be able to tell, because they will be able to tell from the eye witnesses and the people who are still alive.
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shepard: the city is a city of 40,000 people, and i am wondering if you are getting word on how things are there now, and if people are able to go about their lives or if it is still a locked down situation. >> they were still in lockdown, because they were making sure there was nobody there that might have, you know, some part in this, and they're also making sure that the people who were a part of this were not still hiding somewhere and still intending to do more harm, but i imagine that that has now probably -- i am sure that they have opened up by now. i would just imagine that they have, but i know that they are helping those families coping with this now -- cope with this
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now. that was one of the responsibilities that they were taking very seriously. shepard: thank you, senator. >> thank you, shepard. you have been doing a great job. shepard: we have our fox station in austin, texas, and one of their reporters is on the scene there. i am wondering if you can update us. you know the reason for the delay and what we are hoping to learn here? >> no, we do not know what the reason for the delay is yet, shepard, other than the general said he was going to come out. that was about one hour ago, and then we got another stand by. let me show you what the scene is. we are outside of the main gate at fort hood, and that remains locked down at this hour, no one in, no one out, and we are being told that may change a little bit, and the reason people want
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to know that is you can see there is a lot of military personnel, people who still have a loved ones on the base. they cannot get to them. they also have -- people and still have loved ones on the base. there has been a lot of cell phone communication between the two, so they know they are ok. i talked to one man who was not scheduled to work today, but he was in communication with his friends who are there and who remain there at this moment, and it was frantic when the shooting started, but everyone was checking to make sure that everyone was all right. it seems that more information is coming out of you as the newschannel than right here. -- coming out of you as the news channel. the number goes up to atwell when you count the gun man.
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-- goes up to 12 when you count the gunman. there were civilians shot. we learned there were several individuals, maybe three, who work airlifted to dallas others are being treated in the waco -- eric gifted to dallas, others being treated in the -- maybe three who were airlifted to dallas, others being treated in the waco area. shepard: there is a congressman whose district includes fort hood and surrounding areas, and he says that the military has informed him that the two people taken into custody have been released. beyond that, i am guessing that until we get to the news
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conference, we do not know anything official about those two, do we, rudy? >> no, but that makes sense. i started hearing some chatter among the military personnel that just maybe those two taken into custody were just innocent bystanders, may be individuals trying to stop it and not connected to the shooting spree itself -- maybe a individuals. they had to figure out who they were, what were they doing, were they part of this, or were they trying to stop it, and it sounds like, although not officially, that these two individuals were trying to stop the rampage or just got caught up in it. shepard: that is the same information we are getting. good of you, rudy. we appreciate your stations help today, as we always do.
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i want to give you information on these two. this may not prove to be entirely precise, but these two people were involved at the time, that these two people may, in fact, have been trying to take down this gunman and that law enforcement personnel witnessed it. they had to be brought in for questioning to make sure, to err on the side of caution, that they were not co-conspirators. the fact that they have been released i think answers that question for one and all year. they were army personnel, and we do not know if they were enlisted or officers, but we know that they are army personnel, and they have been released, according to the congressman who represents that district i want to go to our jonathan hunt. as i mentioned earlier, -- according to the congressman who represents that district. i want to go to our jonathan
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hunt. as i mentioned earlier, fort hood is the largest in the united states, and there is a civilian work force that supports that facility. jonathan hunt has been looking into this, and he is live with us as we wait for that news conference. >> for months, there have been shooting incidents either on or connected to fort hood, although nothing as devastating as today, but in august, there was one charged with murder after a shooting at a party near the army post. a soldier, he shot a colleague. in this case, both men were members of the first cavalry division and had recently returned from iraq. in september 2008, a 21-year-old shot dead his lieutenant before killing himself. in july 2004, police described the shooting deaths of two fort hood soldiers as a murder-
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suicides, a woman and her estranged husband. they had both served with the fourth infantry division in iraq, and in the war zone, attacking their colleagues from the beginning of the iraq war in 2003. one sergeant from the 101st airborne launched three grenades into the tent of this military camp in kuwait, killing one fellow soldier, and of course, shep, just to return to fort hood, it is such a large base, and it has sent many men and women to a war zone and has suffered its share of losses. it is heartbreaking to think that today's victims may have been soldiers who had been on tours in iraq and afghanistan, had come home safely, only to be gunned down on what they thought was not just the safety of u.s. soyoil but the safety of a u.s. army post. -- not just the safety of u.s.
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soil. shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. killeen, texas, part of one big military community together, as people probably know, and we had a guest on "studio b" this afternoon, and it is good to have you back. there is a process going on with military police and others going door-to-door. what can you tell us about that? >> yes, they are within the fort hood police and the swat team, going building to building, making sure they are all clear. obviously, the intention is to get people back with their families as soon as possible, so that is part of the process they are going through right now. they also release the lockdown. this included texas a&m.
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the good news is that the numbers have not changed. there are still 12 confirmed dead, one being the shooter, and 31 wounded being treated at this time. we are all hopeful that that is where it stops, that that is where it ends, and we are close to putting this thing to rest. obviously, we are waiting for answers still, and we are eagerly awaiting the military press conference, as are you. i do know that a hospital treating some of the more serious cases has been asking for blood donations, and then our association of united states army has jumped in and started a fund in response to this for people who want to donate and help. shepard: the moment we get that, we will post be linked to it at our website, -- we will post the link.
7:43 pm
it would go directly to the right place, so we will make sure we get that right. on the line is the public information officer for the city of killeen,k texas, -- the city of killeen, texas, which borders fort hood. your community is not unfamiliar with tragedy. now, your community is back into the help each other out mode. it must be a very powerful thing. >> it is. i was a child when that previous event occurred, and when i heard about this today, of course, the hair stand up on the back of your neck. all of those questions remain to
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be answered at this point, but i will tell you that killeen, texas, stands ready to help. they are our friends and allies. shepard: hilary, we appreciate it. all of the best, and good luck. ok, tonight, the largest u.s. military institution. the overall population t fort hood is estimated at over 70,000 when it is fully staffed, including civilians and other employees -- the overall population at fort hood. they have been involved in operation desert shield and a number of humanitarian efforts around the world begin after 9/11, their efforts shifted to
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the war, and they maintain readiness for combat missions. remember when the fourth i.d., the war was about to begin, the timetable had been set by the military, though, course, it was kept secret for obvious reasons, but one of the pieces of the iraq war puzzle is that the fourth i.d. would be deployed and go in through turkey. well, by three votes, turkey decided they would not allow that. it was widely believed that they might be able to change their minds, but now, we know that the timetable for the war had been set up, so the fourth infantry division was staged to go to war but was not allowed to go for some time. many would parachute in in the north of iraq, so while there was this strategy to have the
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military coming in from different ways, including turkey from the north, that is not how it worked out, and the fourth i.d. was very much in limbo, and they are based at fort hood in texas, so they were part of the brave troops that are standing by as we worked things out. part of the callery is there, and many of those men and women also have been deployed in iraq and afghanistan -- part of the cowberry -- calvary is there. congressman carter, it is good to have you with us again. >> that is really all that i know, and i am trying to get that confirmed. in fact, general code and i have been contacting each other. he has called me three times,
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and i have called him about five, and we are expecting to hear from him really soon. those two were released, and there was another suspect picked up. shepard: another suspect has been picked up? >> yes. shepard: all right, congressman, i want to back up a little bit. the initial people were picked up on the scene, and they were questioned, and they have been released, and fox news has confirmed that independently of your office, but this new person being picked up, that is new to me. >> they sent us an email, saying they had released those two and were looking for another one, and almost a few minutes later, they said he was in custody. i am trying to sort this out from washington. i am trying to get to killeen as
7:48 pm
fast as i can, but what was reported to me at 3:30 this afternoon, my guy -- shepard: and your assistant, who was there -- >> yes, he was a combat soldier who went back to school and came back as a chaplain. he told me that he heard small arms and automatic weapons. so i am still thinking that there were rifles involved. shepard: and, congressman, i have to tell you that we have gotten dozens of reports, and i am not exaggerating, dozens of reports of multiple gunshots of both kinds, and let's face it. civilians may not really know the difference, but people who have been at war know the difference, and it is those soldiers from whom we get these reports, including yours, and so we are clear, fort hood has not
7:49 pm
told us there were only two handguns. they have only confirmed that there were two handguns. there may be more, and according to what you are saying, maybe there are more. >> this guy walks in with two 9 millimeter guns, and he shoots everybody. that is a lot of shooting with two 9 millimeter handguns. one carries, think, 30 or 14 rounds -- 13 or 14 rounds. you would have to reload completely at least once in each gun, where you would have to be walking up to each one and shooting them -- or you would have to be walking up to each one and shooting them. i cannot imagine your shooting them all that way. shepard: senator kay bailey hutchison had come on the show and said that he was targeting people, shooting people that he knew.
7:50 pm
do you know anything about that? >> no, i do not know anything about that. shepard: i am very concerned about the new person that has been picked up. two suspects, people, i should say, were picked up and released, and the u.s. army has picked up and other personnel for questioning, and, truly, that is all we know about that. >> i think i will ask some questions when i get ahold of fort hood, but as i say, saycode and i have been playing phone tag -- but as i say, general bob code and i have been playing phone tag. i was checking my voice mail, and i got one about 5:30 or 6:00 that said he was still in the building, still in lockdown,
7:51 pm
that he was confirming the number of dead, and the number he got was 11, which is what we have right now, and the number of wounded was 31, which is the number we have got now. so i do not know. i will make a call. cheryl: congressman carter, a very good of you. -- shepard: congressman carter, a very good of you. thank you. -- congressman carter, very good of you. it is reported that the place is still on lockdown, and the congressman reports that the two suspects have been released, and fox news confirms that, and now, the congressman tells us that a third person has been picked up in connection with this shooting rampage at fort hood. the man at the bottom right hand
7:52 pm
of your screen, his name is major malik nadal hasan. this and it is said that -- his name is major malik nadal hasan. additionally, we do not believe that all of the wounded received gunshot wounds. we believe that some did, and they are at an off post hospital, which is treating them now, and imagine the chaos and how injuries can happen. we can tell you that we do not believe that all of the 31 were shot, and now we know someone has been picked up and is in for questioning, and we await this news conference. there were multiple reports, as the congressman just mentioned, including a firsthand report from a man who he has known for years and who has been in war and who is a chaplain, of
7:53 pm
shootings in other places and involving different weapons. we do not know. we have no reason to believe at this moment that there were other shooters, but there are certainly other questions to be asked tonight. we are waiting for this news conference which we expect to be happening city. steve centanni is working the pentagon for us tonight. why are we learning? >> we are hearing from secretary robert gates, who, as you know, he was at the white house today on an unrelated matter and who did talk on the telephone to president obama, both of them expressing their condolences, and we do have a report from secretary gates. he says the thoughts and prayers are with the families and the wounded and all of those touched by this incident. at this point, he says to alleviate the pain, he can pledge that the department of defense will do everything in
7:54 pm
its power to help the community get through these difficult times, and the secretary himself is being updated constantly at the army operations center, so he knows what is going on at any given point. we are waiting on the news conference, as you are, down at killeen, texas. we are trying to find out what they can tell us about some of these very confusing reports. another person may be in for questioning. there is also a report that one of the injured may have died, and a person at the pentagon who we asked about that said they would not be surprised, because one of the people who was shot was seriously injured, so there is the possibility there could be further fatalities as time goes on. shepard: steve centanni, we were led to believe earlier that at least one of the people taken to the trauma center was in critical condition, and at the time, it was described as very critical condition. one of the other victims may
7:55 pm
have lost his or her fight, and we do not see a rush to go with that. we know that the military will come and confirm that one way or another for us. we do. fort hood is a lark -- we do know that fort hood is the largest military base in the united states. there is one in florida that is one of the larger ones in the united states, and we were talking about by population. we are waiting to find out more about this suspect. many of you were with us minutes ago and heard his cousin on a line with us, discussing all types of problems that he had had -- his cousin on the line with us. frankly, a lot of people do not want to go over to war, and they do not, well, you know, you follow. further, we can tell you that reports of multiple different
7:56 pm
types of weapons being used here are not lost on us, and is now our understanding from fort hood that what they were telling us earlier was what they're absolutely sure of, and we can relate that information, 11 killed, 12 including the shooter, 31 wounded, and we are not sure of the status of one of those wounded. what we want to tell you is that "the o'reilly factor" is coming up live, and during that, we are waiting for this news conference, and rather than interrupt "the factor," we will be interrupted only during commercial breaks, so if we have news, rather than seeing commercials, you may see our news department of. we consider this a major news event. -- you may see our news department up. the reporting seems to be
7:57 pm
falling. an officer in the united states military -- the reporting seems to be the following. where there warning signs? could something have been done? -- were there warning signs? on post right now, there are counselors and others available to people who need it. fort hood is extremely well- equipped to do this kind of thing, and that said, the man on the lower right-hand side of the screen was a psychiatrist, and he worked in washington at walter reed medical center. he had problems there and was eventually transferred to fort hood, and report after report today, including from a retired colonel who knew him, the reports saying he was extremely unhappy about having to be
7:58 pm
deployed to either iran or afghanistan. that deployment was on its way. he had tried to get out of it. he had hired a lawyer to try to get out of it and deal with what he described as mr. evan bayh others. we were saying earlier that he was a convert -- and deal with what he described as mistreatment by othrers. we were saying earlier that he was a convert to islam, but our guest said that he was not converted but had always been a muslim. he had said that it was ok for people of muslim faith to rise up against those who were over there, and at first blush today, that appears to be something that he did. new reporting this hour of significance, senator hutchison as reported back fort hood --
7:59 pm
that fort hood told her that he was targeting people, targeting individuals that he knew. now, what we do not know is if he was targeting people with whom he had had previous altercations. -- confrontations. blalock down and -- the lockdown at fort hood has been lifted. they are confident there is no larger conspiracy going on here, and, in fact, we're going back, to the degree that you can under the circumstances, to life as usual at the military base where some 72,000 people live and work at capacity. the fox news team is up and working on this story throughout the night. as news comes in, it is verified. we will bring it to you. but there is a lot out there, an w


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